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36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
Brust 850 880 920 960 1000 1060 1120 1180 1240
Taille 690 720 760 800 840 905 970 1035 1100
Hüfte 940 970 1010 1050 1090 1145 1200 1255 1310

Angaben in mm


Den Brustumfang misst du am besten waagerecht an der weitesten Stelle deiner Brust. Dabei solltest du darauf achten, dass das Maßband eng anliegt und nicht einschneidet.


Den Taillenumfang misst du am besten an der schmalsten Stelle deines Bauches. Das Maßband sollte dabei eng anliegen und einmal um deine Taille gehen.


Den Hüftumfang misst du am besten an der breitesten Stelle deiner Hüfte. Das Maßband sollte dabei eng anliegen und einmal um deine Hüfte gehen.

Details und Pflege
Sometimes more is more - The LVP05 swimsuit combines luxury with comfort. It impresses with a great shaping effect, which is made possible by a special processing of the fabrics in the stomach area. The integrated closure in the LIN VA PAI swimsuits allows the torso length to be adjusted by approximately 0.5 cm, providing the wearer with additional flexibility.
  • Material: 78% recycled polyamide (ECONYL®) and 22% elastane, mesh: 79% recycled polyamide and 21%
  •  ECONYL® is a regenerated fiber made from nylon waste, fishing nets, carpets, and industrial plastics 
  • Chlorine and saltwater resistant 
  • Swimsuit provides UV protection 
  • Sunscreen and oil resistant 
  • Sustainable swimsuit 
  • Swimsuit available in black and blue/green 
  • Swimsuit features a neckholder and shape effect 
  • High-quality swimsuit suitable for wearers with in-between sizes
Care instruction
To ensure that the fabric of the swimsuit is not affected, the closure should always be fastened even when the swimsuit is not in use.
Adhesive tape or lint roller: The easiest way to remove small debris is with regular adhesive tape. Simply unroll a piece of tape and press it onto the closure several times. Any lint or debris will stick to the tape.  

Toothbrush: A firm toothbrush is very effective in cleaning your Velcro closure. The best way to remove lint is by brushing it off with short, vigorous strokes, bit by bit.  
For the swimsuit, we recommend a gentle hand wash with mild natural soap. If you wash your swimsuit in the washing machine at 30°C, make sure to close the Velcro closure during the washing process.
Bezahlung und Versand
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The LIN VA PAI Velcro

What makes our LIN VA PAI swimsuit unique? 
An unprecedented functionality! 
Creating a swimsuit that suits women in the 21st century requires a marriage of the worlds of technology and design. The LIN VA PAI swimsuit we have developed not only flatter the wearer, they also offer unprecedented freedom. The cut of the LIN VA PAI swimsuit is innovatively driven - it has extended flaps in the crotch area that are invisible when worn, into which a Velcro fastener specially developed for water sports has been integrated. Numerous tests have shown that our LIN VA PAI Velcro is super easy to use and 100% secure at the same time. It only opens when you decide to open it! 

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